In-built Payments Engine takes care of all your payment needs
Multiple Payment optionsInstant SettlementsPayment LinksPayment automationsCustom InvoicingPayment Reminders

  • Payment Gateway integrations
  • Accept 50+ popular currencies
  • Instant settlements
  • Payment links and reminders
  • Different modes – cash, card, digital wallets
  • Flex collect – avoid booking cancellations

Unique Features

Flex Collect Automation

Our properties love this feature. The only best solution for post paid bookings. Hoteliers face 50% of cancellations due to post paid bookings (especially bookings from portals like, we identify those bookings, put them on hold, share payment link with customer and confirm booking only after payment is made. This touch less process not only eases the hassle for hoteliers but also guarantees the revenues.

Go Global

You can accept 50+ popular currencies. You can share payment links with any one from any where. Elevate your brand presence with multi-currency and multi-lingual support.

Transparent Settlements

Funds are instantly settled per transaction basis to your bank account. If the payment is related to booking, we settle it after the checkout to avoid situations like chargebacks and cancellations. For all other payments, like POS, settlements are instant.

What hoteliers love in payments engine


Chargebacks are invalid payment collections claims from customers. Typically happens when customer was not communicated about the charge. We try our best to make it transparent to customers about for what service they are being charged. In rare scenarios, we get chargeback claim from customer banker, we request hotelier to provide all the required invoice details.

As our settlements are real time and per transaction basis, we highly recommend to adhere with this life cycle. If you have any urgent needs, we are always there to help you with early settlements.

We are partnered with Stripe, Paypal, Razorpay and Airpay. Depending on the country your property is operating, we enable appropriate payment gateway for your property.

We charge very marginal for most of the payment services. It ranges between 3% to 8% plus any applicable taxes depending on payment gateway, type of payments and risk factors.

Yes, we are PCI DSS compliant.