One QR code to transform your front desk

Magic QR kiosk helps guest self check-ins, self room bookings and beyond. No expensive hardware required!

QR kiosk

No expensive self-check-in station is required, a straightforward QR code stand does the magic.

Self room booking

A quick scan lets guests view and book rooms in real-time, offering unparalleled autonomy.

Self check-in

Our contactless QR system ensures a swift check-in, personalizing the welcome without the wait.


Tailor QR code functions to fit your unique operational needs, fully integrated with Stayflexi's automated solutions.

User-friendly interface

Enjoy an intuitive and user-friendly interface designed to simplify your reputation management efforts.

Automating guest journey with One QR code.

No hardware required

Leverage QR Code advancements for effortless digital walk-in reservations and autonomous check-in. No expensive hardware required.

Instant access

Reserve with ease, access instantly. Stayflexi's digital door locks provide instant access codes post-reservation, ensuring a seamless and secure entry for every guest. Embrace the epitome of convenience and safety.

Real-time updates

Keep the staff informed with instant updates and notifications, enhancing communication and responsiveness.

Guest-centric approach

By simplifying procedures, we prioritize guest convenience, ensuring a pleasant and hassle-free experience from check-in to checkout.

The Guide to Switching Your PMS

Get the guide covering the 10 questions you need to ask, typical implementation timelines, and what makes a successful onboarding.


The power of truly All-In-One

Stayflexi platform comes out of the box with PMS, channel manager, booking engine, revenue manager, and housekeeping. You don't require too many integrations.

Modern solution

Embrace the digital shift in the hospitality sector with cutting-edge technology.


Reduce overheads with automated self-service options, channeling resources to where they're needed most.


Stay ahead with Stayflexi's forward-thinking features, keeping your establishment at the forefront of hospitality trends.

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