Take Control of Your Inventory with Stock Management

A one-stop solution for all your inventory management needs.


One View, Total Control: Your Stock and Purchases Dashboard

Purchase Order List

Unify, streamline, and enhance: the future of purchase order management.


Monitor and optimize your stock levels to reduce waste and increase profitability.

Link to Shop Items

Link, Track, and Manage Your Shop Items with Ease!

Inventory Alerts

Never run out - get proactive with low stock alerts for seamless business continuity.

Vendor Management

Better Vendors, Better Chain: Centralizing Management for Ultimate Supply Success.


Empowering Uniformity: One-stop Solution for Centralized Operations

Housekeeping Configuration

Beyond Clean: Streamlining Housekeeping with Precision and Savings.


Generate insightful reports for strategic planning and process optimization.

Optimize stock control with Stayflexi Inventory Management


Real-time insights and control

Have instant insights into your operational standing, and make data-driven decisions based on real-time information provided on the dashboard.

Green Savings

Eco-friendly practices

Quickly identify and manage wastage through the wastage list feature, thereby saving costs and reducing inefficiencies.

Effortless Vendor Control

Seamless supplier management

Manage your vendor relationships efficiently with a dedicated configuration space where you can store and access all vendor details centrally. This fosters streamlined communication and order management, ensuring a smooth and uninterrupted supply chain operation.

Elevated Housekeeping

Enhanced housekeeping operations

By efficiently managing housekeeping raw materials and standardized recipes, hotels and establishments can maintain consistent cleanliness standards and improve guest experience.

The Guide to Switching Your PMS

Get the guide covering the 10 questions you need to ask, typical implementation timelines, and what makes a successful onboarding.


The power of truly All-In-One

Stayflexi platform comes out of the box with PMS, channel manager, booking engine, revenue manager, and housekeeping. You don't require too many integrations.

Closing Stock List

Keep your inventory management spot on with detailed closing stock lists.

Recipe Standardization

With our Recipe Standardization feature, weave a thread of uniformity in product quality.

Tag Room

Leverage the Tag Room feature to allocate specific cleaning resources to different room types.

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