Stayflexi Auto Payments, engineered for growth

Manage all the payments in a single place, and boost collections and guest experience with payment automation.

    Full life cycle of payments

    Contactless payments

    Guests can pay invoices online with one-click digital payment options like google pay, apple pay, UPI, and more.

    Instant payouts

    Get settlements the same day. We work with the best payment processors and gateways to make this happen.

    100+ currencies support

    Crucial when dealing with international travelers. We support 100+ currencies and exchanges.

    Flex collect

    Avoid cancellations from post-paid bookings like with this innovative feature.

    Chargeback protection

    Well-documented payment flows to help protect from chargebacks.

    Easy refunds

    Built-in refund flows to process either full or partial refunds.

    Payment reminders

    Send payment reminders to guests and direct billing accounts on pending payments

    24/7 support

    Payments are sensitive, and we are there for you. No matter which pricing tier you are in, we will support you 24/7


    We are PCI DSS certified to handle all your payment data in the most secure way possible.


    Put your payments on autopilot 

    From payment reminders to payouts, automate the entire process. Just set up rules, sit and relax.

    Flex collect

    Avoid booking cancellations

    We invented Flex Collect to handle  'pay at the hotel' bookings and associated risks of cancellations.


    Same-day payouts give instant access to cash.

    Nothing is more important than access to immediate cash when running a hotel. We have got you covered! We can do same-day settlements or set up the cadence as you want.

    A guide to automate payments

    Free consultation service to automate payment flows for your property.

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    Avoid chargebacks from day one

    Our hotels have seen a 40% reduction in chargebacks after moving to Stayflexi. Our digital payment workflows and guest-initiated transactions are silver bullets to fight chargebacks.


    PCI DSS compliant and Secure 

    We are PCI DSS level 2 compliant and work with the best payment processors to protect financial and sensitive customer data.

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