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Empower your brand with responsive and insightful automated interaction!


Generate dynamic responses tailored to each guest’s feedback, ensuring personalized and meaningful interactions.

Multi-OTA connection:

Seamlessly connect with multiple OTA's including Booking.com & Airbnb, centralizing your management efforts.

Real-time notifications

Receive immediate alerts for new reviews and feedback, enabling swift and effective responses to maintain guest satisfaction.

SEO optimization

Optimize your online presence with SEO-friendly responses and content, enhancing visibility and attracting more potential guests.

Enhanced OTA summaries

Access and review overall summaries on top OTAs, getting a succinct view of your hotel's online performance and areas for improvement.

User-friendly interface

Enjoy an intuitive and user-friendly interface designed to simplify your reputation management efforts.

Transform guest insights into action with Stayflexi Reputation Management!

Centralized review monitoring

Navigating reviews across diverse platforms can be daunting in today's digital landscape. Stayflexi addresses this by consolidating feedback from multiple sources into a single, user-friendly dashboard. From booking platforms and social media mentions to travel review sites, you get a unified view of all guest feedback.

AI-driven reply

FlexiGPT's AI streamlines crafting tailored, professional replies to guest reviews. Quick and personal responses boost guest satisfaction and highlight your brand's attentiveness, key in modern hospitality.

Reputation insights

Harness Stayflexi's analytics for a detailed reputation overview. By aggregating scores across all feedback platforms, our system provides a panoramic snapshot of your property’s perceived value. Utilize these insights to elevate guest experiences and improve your ratings.

Increased online visibility

Boost your online presence by showcasing positive experiences and promptly addressing concerns, enhancing your appeal to potential guests.

The Guide to Switching Your PMS

Get the guide covering the 10 questions you need to ask, typical implementation timelines, and what makes a successful onboarding.


The power of truly All-In-One

Stayflexi platform comes out of the box with PMS, channel manager, booking engine, revenue manager, and housekeeping. You don't require too many integrations.

Strategic response planning

Utilize FlexGTP to formulate effective and empathetic responses to all types of guest feedback

Efficient time management

Spend less time managing online presence and more time focusing on delivering exceptional guest experiences.

Seamless integration

Effortlessly integrate reputation management tools with existing StayFlexi services for a unified approach.

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