Build your solution with our Flex API

All of Stayflexi OS components are available via flex API. Easy to use, ultra-fast and scalable.

    We've re-invented the wheel, so you don't have to


    Handle reservations, check-ins, check-outs, folios, and housekeeping

    Distribution API

    Two-way connectivity with OTAs

    Booking Engine API

    Perform room search and create reservations

    Reports API

    Get all the data regarding reservations, guests, payments and more


    Create and manage orders. Create POS outlets.

    Revenue Manager API

    Push restrictions, rate plans, dynamic pricing rules, and rate templates


    Test the API connectivity in our sandbox environment before taking it to live

    Ultra fast and scalable

    Dedicated super fast API servers deployed on AWS


    Securely store all your data in PCI-DSS compliant data stores

    hotel brands

    For evolving hotel brands

    We cover most of the building blocks if you are starting your hotel brand and thinking about developing the tech stack. You can establish the customizations on top of our APIs.


    For next generation disruptors

    If you are hustling on the next big thing in the hospitality space, our APIs can be your starting point.

    White label

    For resellers building White label solutions

    Are you planning to take Stayflexi products to your country? We will help you scale that business idea. Talk to our experts.

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