Stayflexi Year-End 2023 Product Release Notes (Q4)

December 6, 2023
Front Desk Kiosk: Transform Check-Ins & Guest Bookings

Automate bookings and check-ins, offering guests flexibility and convenience. Easy QR code deployment for hoteliers, instant booking creation for guests, and a quick self-check-in process.

Mobile App Upgrades

Provide flexibility and functionality for hoteliers on-the-go. Manage Addons and apply tax exemptions directly from the mobile app.

New Mobile App for POS Operations

Revolutionize restaurant management with unprecedented control and efficiency. Available on both Android and iOS, enhancing dynamic and accessible management.

Enhanced Mobile View and Booking Interface

Streamline guest booking experience and show all costs upfront. Real-time room availability on mobile devices and a transparent, efficient booking process.

Payment Automation - Enhanced Customer Communication

Ensure timely payment reminders and notifications. Immediate payment notifications via WhatsApp and email, support for failed transactions, and synced virtual card charges with check-in dates.

GHA Lowest-Price Feature

Boost online presence and direct bookings with competitive pricing. Tracks OTA prices, aligns them with GHA rates, and offers the lowest price on direct bookings.

Revamped Housekeeping UI and Access Control

Enhance the efficiency and security of the housekeeping module. Easy room status filtering and improved access control for authorized personnel only.

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