Stayflexi Mid 2023 Product Release Notes (Q2)

May 11, 2023

Stock Management

A new Stock Management dashboard provides a comprehensive overview of stock data, allowing managers to quickly check stock levels for specific outlets. Additionally, a beta feature for housekeeping stock management has been introduced, enabling hotels to manage stocks for particular room categories. Access to this feature is available upon request.

Revenue Management

The rate template feature now includes new options, such as creating template prices for all or specific channels. Templates can be applied across all channels or selectively. Hotels can also adjust template prices by a flat amount or percentage, offering greater flexibility in managing room rates.

Reservation Calendar & Dashboard

A new Dashboard feature displays availability stats for each room type, making it easier for front desk personnel to check room availability and make bookings. The Dashboard also includes the “Refer and Earn” program for rewards on successful referrals and an option to check the latest updates on the Stayflexi system.

Room Folio

The new Room Folio feature allows hotels to create custom folios from advance invoices, enabling the separation of bills for rooms, add-ons, and shop purchases upon guest request.

AI-Powered Reputation Management

Stayflexi’s Reputation Management feature lets hotels manage reviews from multiple channels in a single platform. Using Flexigpt, users can respond to reviews, with responses published on the respective online channel. Currently available for, this feature will expand to other channels based on API feasibility.

Rate Shopper

Improvements to the rate shopper feature allow hotels to easily add competitor hotels by copying and pasting the URL from travel portals like, Agoda, and Expedia. The rate shopper displays competitor rates, rank, occupancy, and other relevant information, helping hotels make informed pricing decisions.

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