Stayflexi Early 2024 Product Release Notes (Q1)

January 20, 2024

What's new in the Stayflexi Mobile App

Date picker in dashboard

A new date picker has been added to the dashboard, allowing you to easily navigate to different dates and access relevant data.

Enhanced booking tracking

Easily track and manage reservations with the OTA Booking ID now displayed below the booking ID in the folio.

Intuitive Navigation

We've renamed the 'Rates and Inventory' buttons on the inventory calendar page, making it easier to navigate and manage your inventory.

Adjusting rateplans on folio

Enhanced control is now at your fingertips for altered reservations, with the option to edit rate plans easily accessible in the 'Modify Booking' area of the folio.

Upload guest IDs during reservation

While making a booking, you can capture and upload guest IDs, with the added flexibility to delete and re-upload if necessary

Adding guest IDs in folio

In the folio, you now have the option to add, delete, and re-upload guest IDs, ensuring that all guest information is up-to-date and secure.

Collect payments at booking creation

You now have the capability to collect payments seamlessly during the booking process, ensuring a smoother and more efficient transaction.

Discover Stayflexi's latest enhancements We encourage iOS users to reinstall the app to enjoy these upgrades fully. Our updates are tailored to meet the ever-changing demands of the hospitality sector.

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