Stayflexi Named SHR Certified PMS Partner with WindsurferCRS™ Integration

August 17, 2022

Stayflexi, the most flexible and modern cloud hotel property management system (PMS) for independent hotels, resorts, and multi-property groups, announced a robust two-way interface with SHR’s WindsurferCRS, a leading hotel distribution platform. This integration allows a hotel property’s live availability and rates to be continuously relayed in real-time from their Stayflexi system to streamline channel management, reduce acquisition costs, reach the right travelers on their preferred channels, and maximize hotel revenue.

Sceptre Hospitality Resources (SHR) WindsurferCRS™ is a best-in-class CRS, providing effective rates and inventory management, connections to hundreds of distribution channels, an innovative booking engine, and robust reporting. With this seamless 2-way Stayflexi integration, hoteliers, including airport and experience-based hotels, can unlock unprecedented opportunities for guest upsell, dynamic rate management, and inventory optimization. SHR and Stayflexi will move ahead with a CRM and RMS integration in the second phase of their partnership, which is expected to be completed by October of this year.

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