Shops feature lets you setup any POS outlet in minutes

Restaurant Bar Spa Travel Desk and more

POS set up has never been easier, and available on the go with Orchestra app

  • Run E-Commerce In Your Property
  • Create Custom POS Outlet, Add Menu Items And Start Selling
  • Contactless In Room Services And Kiosk Orders
  • Cross Sell Other Services To Your Guests
  • Open API Integrations

Trusted by 1000+ properties worldwide

Unique Features

Set up in minutes and Start Selling

You don’t need IT technician to setup your restaurant management system and integrate with your payments and accounting systems. On Stayflexi POS, you can easily create menu items, add tables and staff with in minutes. You can then start taking the orders either on Web version or Orchestra mobile app.

Contactless POS orders

You can imagine endless use cases of how you use our POS. You can setup in room infotainment with which customers can directly submit orders from tablet phones, or a kiosk at restaurant table.

Mini E-commerce

Yes, you heard it right. Make your property website a mini e-commerce site. You can take restaurant orders directly from your website. You can sell gift shop items and take spa orders right from your website.


Know the best selling items, perform audit on collections, dig through the consumption of inventories and be prepared for future requirements. We expose transparent multi dimensional reports to help you forecast and be resourceful.

POS on the Go !

POS order taking feature is available on Orchestra app. You can either use it for self-order taking by installing it in rooms or common areas of your property, or provide the devices to your staff.

Popular POS Outlets

Manage offline bookings with ease!

Book a consultation and our industry expert will help you understand how this Flex POS can transform your business.


Yes, we support different print formats. You can setup your own bluetooth or Wifi KOT. You can reach out to our support for a demo. If you have your own KOT systems to be integrated with our POS, we expose APIs.

It’s simple. You install Orchestra app in all in-room tablet phones with special POS client login, and enable respective POS outlets for in-room order taking from POS backend.

Yes, every POS outlet will have orders section where you can track all current, past and future orders. You can take quick actions like adding more items, checkout and payments collections on any orders.

You can send payment links for postpaid orders. You can mandate to pay and submit order for prepaid orders. You can as well enter payment manually for cash or offline card payments.