Flex API allows you to build your own solutions
Custom Channel Manager APIFlex Booking Engine APIReports APIOTA Feed APIMobile API and more

APIs are a great way to get all the Stayflexi Innovative functionalities to your own systems. Our API connectivity allows you to build highly customizable solutions for your own brand or chain.

  • Channel Manager APIs
  • Flex Booking Engine APIs
  • Flex OTA APIs
  • Report APIs for your accounting
  • Quick try, test and deploy model
  • High availability and secure
  • Free Technical assistance with integrations

Plug and Play

Have your own PMS and need connectivity with specific functionalities of Stayflexi? We got you covered. Flex REST APIs are the best way to achieve all the latest features on Stayflexi, while not touching your current tech infrastructure.

Easy to Integrate

Self-explanatory JSON and XML formats allow you to communicate anything and everything back and forth with us. We are there for you to help during integration process.

Sandbox Testing

Self certification and sandbox testing framework gives you freedom to test integrations with our system before going live.

Popular API Integrations