Contactless check-in & check-out

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Post COVID is the new era for hospitality. Big hotel chains are moving quickly to offer contactless services to their guests for clean stays. Being an independent hotelier, are you prepared for this future ?

Save up to 80% on operations through automations, let your staff focus on guest experiences rather than mundane tasks.

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Contactless Check-in

Guests can get the room ID by finishing off the the check-in process online. Just like how airline check-in works.

Contactless In-Room Services

Phone calls to front desk and services staff is just too old and lot of communications overhead. With contactless digital in-room services, your guests can place orders right from their mobile devices(no app required).

Contactless Payments

Thanks to the advancements in digital payments. Having too many card swipe machines and POS terminals all over the property just make it look like a train station. Our contactless payment services let customers pay directly from their mobile devices.

Contactless Check-out

Guests can settle dues online with click of a button, or simply extend the room for few hours. No front desk visits.

Safety is the new luxury!

Enjoy contactless checkins and checkouts and improve your guest experience. Book a consultation and our industry expert will assist you with the whole process.


Upon booking confirmations, your guests will be notified over email on these self-servicing options available at your property. Guests can then provide all the check-in materials like ID, card details online. Similarly, during check-out, guests can pay online and leave the room.

At the moment, We have mobile optimized web version. But we are also planning on dedicated mobile app.

No, it’s free of use.

Yes, you can always make changes to the booking. Guests will be notified on the changes.

Our tech is enabled for digital locks, if your property has digital locks, we will integrate them to our PMS.