The Issue With Traditional Noon-to-Noon Hotel Bookings

August 3, 2022
Written by
Bhavya Kandra

For an extensive time, hotels have had inflexible check in and check out times. Guests are to check out before noon, or pay for an additional day in the hotel. Check ins begin around 3PM with no flexibility. Customers have always expressed some frustration over this system, and are now beginning to look to other lodging options for more freedom in their schedule. While it may be difficult to promptly change, is it not time for hotels to start looking into flexible bookings?

I myself had a difficult time in New York City due to a strict check in time. What was supposed to be a carefree trip with my friends turned into a hassle because of a hotel’s traditional booking method. We had unexpectedly reached the hotel quite earlier than our check in time, and were unable to check in early. We did not feel comfortable leaving our bags and going out, so ultimately we waited for around an hour in the lobby before we were able to enter our room. We decided to stay in the city a bit longer, but had to rush to the lobby before 11AM to request a late check out. Throughout the experience, I wondered how our hotel experience could be less taxing and more simple.

Though this was my personal experience, I am not the only one who has had a stressful experience due to rigid check in and check out times. People arrive at their destinations earlier than planned, flights get delayed, and trips get postponed. Hotels should be able to accommodate customers during these occurrences. Further, younger travelers are starting to travel more impulsively with less planning. A comprehensible, round the clock booking application would transform and modernize the hotel industry.

What makes Stayflexi the perfect solution?

One of Stayflexi’s many features is its Flex Bookings. Designed to make checking in and out easier, this feature reels in both customers and revenue. Early check ins and late check outs are a chance to make additional profit. With Stayflexi, making these types of adjustments to bookings can be easily done online. Travelers do not have to catch employees in the lobby to ask for personalized changes to their reservation. Day use rooms would also be a possibility for hotels that use Flex Bookings. Customers would leave their reservations satisfied and may share their experience with a flexible hotel.

Younger travelers in particular would love the idea of fluid scheduling. Gen-Z customers are always looking for better ways to travel. Flexible bookings would seem like a fresh, convenient concept to them. Instead of passing time outside hotels until their check in times, customers can spend their vacation time effectively. Around 30% of hotel rooms are unoccupied without reservations at any given time. Hotels are unable to accommodate guests at their full capacities because of current booking systems. Stayflexi could not only help hotels with this issue, but also give customers an undeniably pleasant booking experience.

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