Why is Stayflexi the No. 1 Choice for Hoteliers?

StayFlexi Hotel Software

Among the many industries that suffered during the COVID-19 pandemic, the hotel industry took the worst blow. With travel restrictions and the abrupt fall in the number of guests, several top hoteliers found it hard to hold on to their staff during this period of crisis. This July 2021 report from Business Insider stated that 1 out of 3 former hospitality workers would not be returning to the hotel business. 

As a hotelier, you must realize that this is a disastrous statistic. You must be wondering- Is there any possible way I can still make the same revenue during this intense labor crisis? 

Yes, you can. The answer is- Stayflexi. And with Stayflexi, you don’t just avoid a loss. You make a profit.

What is Stayflexi?

Stayflexi is an operating system that can be used by hotels and vacation rentals to automate every aspect of their property management. 

Stayflexi not only makes sure that you can run your hotel seamlessly with a reduced human labour force. It also actually boosts your hotel bookings with its unique automated booking model that I am going to discuss soon. 

Cloud Property Management Systems like Stayflexi let you organise every single aspect of running your hotel or vacation rental on one single platform. Yes, this includes your payment system and housekeeping as well. 

Wondering how? Keep reading to know more about the miraculous features of Stayflexi that makes it the No 1 choice for hoteliers. 

Reasons Why You Should Choose StayFlexi Cloud PMS For Your Everyday Hotel Operations

Room Allocated Automatically On Booking

Stayflexi aims to automate every process of a hotel business that requires extensive manpower and planning. The first process that qualifies for this is, of course, room allocation. 

This usually requires the constant services of a receptionist. However, with the automatic room allocation, neither you nor your guests have to bother going through a middleman. 

Stayflexi has an auto check-in and check-out feature as well. This is how it constantly keeps track of which rooms are being vacated. This process of fully automated room allocation has never before been done by any other PMS. Stayflexi can boast of being the first in this respect. 

If the guest is unhappy with the room that they have been allocated, they can request a replacement through Stayflexi itself. It will assign them a different room if there are empty ones to avail. 

Automation to Manage the Inventory

If you assign a human the task of managing the inventory, you always run the risk of overbooking. Stayflexi functions through automation that perpetually keeps track of real-life room occupancies. So, you don’t have to be worried about issues like overbooking or an overabundance of empty rooms with Stayflexi. The “Hold and Release” feature makes sure to deal with an overbooking situation (if it arises in the instance of an extension) as tactfully as possible. 

There is a master sheet on which every piece of your data regarding room bookings, open slots, rate templates and rate plans are updated in real time. The key aim of this auto managed inventory is to maintain clarity. This is why room types are not specified on this master sheet. However, it is completely up to you to view this with or without customisations. 

The chief intention of Stayflexi is to give you a bird’s eye view of the status of your hotel, including check-ins and check-outs in real-time.

Collect Auto Postpaid Payments with Flex Collect 

One of the biggest problems that hotels have faced due to the fluctuations of travel restrictions, is rampant cancellations. Justifiably, you would want to avoid making a huge loss because of that. 

Stayflexi’s Flex Collect offers a brilliant solution. 50% of the cancellations happen due to postpaid bookings (especially through sites like booking.com). Stayflexi can cut down on frivolous cancellations by putting the booking on hold and sending a payment link to the customer. Only after the payment is made, the booking is confirmed. 

Stayflexi is a perfect solution during this pandemic. It offers you a way to extract cashless and contactless payments through payment links and auto invoices. No need for card machines everywhere. The payment happens through the customers’ mobiles. 

Moreover, with Stayflexi, you can reach out to more international clients because it accepts 50+ popular foreign currencies. Multi-lingual support is also provided to extend your hotel’s brand presence further.

Get Analytics, Audits and Reports Automatically

What sets Stayflexi Analytics Reports apart from those of other Cloud PMS systems is its multi-dimensional reporting. Numbers, though objective, produce separate meanings when viewed from separate perspectives. But most Cloud PMS systems ignore this and present a report that solely stems from their viewpoint. Stayflexi gives you the right to decide how you wish to view or interpret your numbers. 

There’s also an added perk of Cloud-based data-keeping. And this is that you don’t need to keep backups of your audit reports. They’ll always be available on the Stayflexi platform. But you don’t need to worry about data leaks just because this is an online Cloud-based PMS system. Being PCI DSS compliant, Stayflexi makes sure to implement the latest safety protocols to keep your data out of anyone’s hands but your own.

Direct bookings and Loyalty Programs

The aim of all businesses is to get direct customers. They ensure that you don’t have to pay a share to the booking agencies. How to attract more direct customers though?

Stayflexi has an answer: reward your returning customers by allowing them flexible booking offers. What this means is that- you can offer them early check-ins and late check-outs with the Stayflexi platform. 

Not just that. You can vary your room rate templates very easily due to the inventory automation. So, you can offer your loyal customers additional discounts on room rates as well. Stayflexi offers you a variety of options to run loyalty programs. 

Sell Unsold Rooms and Provide Easy Extensions

The problem with rampant cancellations is that it is difficult to then find customers for these unsold rooms. On the other hand, it is just as difficult to manage customers who are looking for last-minute extensions. 

Shuffling around guests can be a nightmare when you don’t have a clear picture of your check-ins and check-outs. But with Stayflexi, this no longer has to be your headache at all. 

Room movements are as much a part of Stayflexi’s automations’ job as room allocations. If a guest wishes for a last-minute room extension, they can actually do this through their Orchestra mobile app. Stayflexi itself assigns the new guests a separate empty room so that the maximum number of rooms are utilized. 

Cross-Sell Rooms during Seasonal Variations

Hoteliers will know well that there are no steady prices or categories for rooms. The same room which goes under Standard during the non-holiday season transforms into Executive for the holidays. 

In such a situation, you need rate templates, not just rate plans. Rate templates allow you to cross-sell a room under various types and prices. You can even vary your prices according to whether it is a weekday or a weekend booking. The best part is- Stayflexi transforms this complicated process into a cakewalk that even a child can manage. 

Moreover, you’re probably going to get bookings from a lot of channels like Airbnb or TripAdvisor. But this is not your headache either. All you need to do is manage your master inventory sheet. That’s it. Stayflexi will take care of the rest. 

One Dashboard for Multiple Properties

As a hotelier, you might have multiple hotels or vacation rentals. Managing every tiny aspect of one property is difficult enough. Managing multiple properties is a nightmare, isn’t it?

It doesn’t need to be. The best part of the Stayflexi Property Management System is that it brings every single detail to ONE platform. Yes, this means you can actually manage various properties of yours through exactly one dashboard. 

You can have as many sub-admins as you want and provide them access to separate subsets of data concerning separate properties. Stayflexi also ensures that you receive separate audit and analytics reports for your various properties. 

Mobile-based Housekeeping Support and Staff Management

Stayflexi allows your customers to access room service and housekeeping through their mobiles. They don’t need to call the reception or the service desk anymore, reducing the need for manpower here. 

But not just that. The best part of this system is that it allows you, the hotelier, to effectively manage the schedules of your housekeeping staff. Usually, the housekeeping staff is swamped during the 9 am to 12 pm slot when the most number of check-ins and check-outs happen. With Stayflexi, you can balance your workloads uniformly. 

Managing the charter of your staff and assigning them tasks requires a lot of shuffling around and this leads to mismanagement. Stayflexi fixes the charters and the requests from the guests go directly to the mobile of the staff member assigned to them. You can even pre-arrange for backups in case that staff member has a chance of remaining busy. 

Create a Restaurant or Travel Desk POS outlet

Two other businesses that you often have to run simultaneously along with running a hotel, are a restaurant and a travel desk. Stayflexi makes it super easy for you to set up Point-Of-Sale (POS) outlets. 

You can set this up in minutes and have your customers ordering directly from the website or the Orchestra mobile app. You can create menus, assign staff to tables- all within your StayFlexi platform. 

There’s an added perk of running a mini e-commerce site as well. Stayflexi also gives you reports on how these businesses are doing, which product is selling the best, etc. These help you make future decisions regarding your business based on hard data. 

Boost Your Revenue

How does Stayflexi help you in boosting your revenue in these troubling times?

You must already be aware of the answer. It allows you to cut out on labour costs while increasing the efficacy of your management system by cutting down on human errors. 

Flex Collect makes sure you don’t lose money on cancellations. And the Master Inventory Sheet makes sure there isn’t any overbooking. 

But that’s just the start. Flexibility lies at the core of Stayflexi. It allows your customers flexible check-in and check-out times, hourly bookings, and last-minute extensions. 

There is a good reason why Stayflexi can offer these facilities. It is because there is no human mind that has to shuffle around a million variables according to real-time unpredictability. The Stayflexi Property Management System depends on automation. And with automation, you don’t have to worry about creating a mess with thousands of permutations and combinations. 

This is exactly why Stayflexi is the No. 1 choice for hoteliers in these trying times. It makes the everyday process of running a hotel several times easier. 

Looking for a specific feature that I didn’t mention here? Well, Stayflexi is ever-flexible. It customizes as per your requirements. Leave a comment below and we’ll get back to you soon!

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