Travel Local!

According to the data of UN World tourism organization (UNWTO) published in 2018, approximately 25 million people from India travel abroad for their vacation trip which will be double by the end of year 2021 reaching to 50 million as a result of increase in middle class incomes, changing attitudes towards spending and easy EMI option on travel bookings. With these entire things and looking after the current pandemic situation which we all are going through, “Travelling Local” is the best option to rejuvenate and break the dreary lifestyle we all are experiencing in current Covid19 Pandemic.

Here are few reasons why you should travel local-

  1. Lesser chaos and Documentation – Travelling in ones own country requires no documentation and pre-approval, you can freely move from one part to another based on your trip location. Only carrying a photo ID proof will solve all problems here.
  2. Easy availability of Transports – You can choose Domestic Airways, Trains or your own personal vehicle to reach the planned destination at much lower cost with more convenience.   
  3. No Language Barrier – Travelling in your own country brings you lesser issues with language, though there can be language diversity but it can be understandable at one common point.
  4. Variety of options– Travelling domestically gives you an option to choose your meal as per your choice, accommodation where you feel comfortable and sightseeing without any hassle.
  5. It takes less time to reach the planned destination and you can spend more time with your family, friends you are travelling with.
  6. Know you Culture– Travelling locally at different location gives you insight about your own culture and heritage, you get to know people in different regions more by physically being present at the place bringing  internal unity with your own country and people.
  7. National GDP– By travelling domestically you contribute to your own country GDP giving a boost to various sectors related with each other like hotels, constructions, handicraft, agriculture and service industry few of examples out of many.

Plan your travel domestically and enjoy the culture within your own country and know the amazing facts by experiencing it personally. If you are planning your trip now don’t forget to keep in mind the checklist of COVID 19 travel plan which includes tracking the news for the place you are planning, download the apps as per government norms (Aryogya Setu), Medical kit (Face mask, gloves, sanitizers etc) , do not travel if you are unwell and lastly maintain social distancing.

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