What’s next for the Hospitality Industry?

Keeping up with the newest trends is crucial for the hospitality sector. Especially because this industry itself is highly competitive and consistently in a rush to serve guests in the best possible manner. Technology in the hotel industry is playing a significant role and is only expected to rise in the future. Let’s take a look at the newest hotel technology trends..

Facial Recognition Technology

There has been an uprise in the biometric technology which has remarkably improved security and efficiency. One of the ways facial recognition can be deployed within the hotel industry is for access and security purposes. In the hotel setting, this refers to granting guests access to their hotel rooms and improving operational security by implementing the same for the hotel staff. 

Self Check In and Check Out 

Guests can check themselves into the hotel through their smartphones. This process not only saves a significant amount of time which would be otherwise spent at the reception desk but also helps in alerting the hotel staff about the arrival of their guests for ensuring rooms are completely ready for use. Due to increased hygiene concerns, guests would not be willing to spend time in common areas. Hence providing self check in and check out facilities would ensure a highly contactless experience. Check

Mobile device as door key

It’s truly fascinating that a simple door key could undertake an evolution of this kind. Instead of having to carry room keys and wallets, few hotels have started giving out wristbands which are packed with their room information and may have payment facilities enabled as well. The bands can simply be scanned to get access to the rooms, pools, gyms, spas and other hotel premises. 

Robot Staff

Travellers have begun welcoming the chance to interact with robots during their hotel stay. More and more hotels are beginning to incorporate robots for helping in carrying luggage, acting as a concierge or delivering room service. 

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