Want To Attract Corporate Travellers? Here’s what you’ve got to do

Any travel for which the primary motivation is business related is a corporate travel. Corporate travel may involve  anything from employees attending seminars or conferences in a different city to managers visiting another branch. A corporate traveller usually spends more than one day at the hotel. With the increased popularity of conferences and official events, corporate travel has become recurrent. 

Business travels are often made to the same place multiple times a year. Once a hotel is effectively able to attract corporate customers and make a great impression, it has a high potential for recurring bookings to be made in the same property. Companies will reach out to the hotels and work out a pricing structure that benefits the customer and the hotelier.

Design A Customer Privilege Programme 

It’s always good to have a win-win situation. And what better way to do this than create a customer privilege programme? When it comes to business travel, corporate travellers will mostly make frequent visits to the same destination. Hence, enrolling them for the privilege programme by offering discounts, complimentary room upgrades, free spa services, or even a free night will prove to be highly beneficial. It may not make much of a difference to the hotelier but in attraction of these perks, corporate travellers are bound to make more bookings with your hotel. 

Provide Corporate Facilities 

If you want to benefit from business travellers, you should be able to provide them best in class and relevant services to them. Try having provision for small and large conference rooms with great Wi-Fi and on site food and beverage services. Provide express check-in / check-out services, work spaces in the room or in another section of your property and make sure to install power sockets liberally in these areas. 

Create A Business Section On Your Website 

Much like all travellers, business travellers will look up for hotels online. When they come across a page on your website that has a special section dedicated to business, they will be thoroughly impressed. Highlight the offers, privilege programmes and facilities you have to offer. Make sure to post reviews given by previous business travellers too. This will definitely make the customer gain confidence in you and the service you are providing. 

Corporate travel is a growing market and naturally numerous hotels are trying to capitalize on it. Don’t be late!

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