Full Stack Intern

Job Description:

As a full stack developer, you will bring a unique skill set and experience to our organization, and work on building both the front end and back end components of Stayflexi. We are looking for enthusiastic Interns, who will push the boundaries on engineering brilliant solutions and contribute to shaping our future. We expect you to have the energy and passion to deliver using a whole range of technologies and have a solid understanding of engineering principles. You will be working in all phases of the development cycle: concept to implementation.


  1. Domain knowledge on Core Java, Python and building web based systems
  2. Comfortable working on backend and frontend. 
  3. Drive the future of Stayflexi products in the industry and contribute to a world class user experience across all of Stayflexi’s products
  4. Build efficient and reusable systems
  5. Conduct design and code reviews
  6. Work under tight deadlines using agile/scrum methodology.
  7. Write Junit tests

Minimum Qualifications:

  1. Bachelor’s of Engineering in Computer Science or Information science
  2. Good understanding of MVC framework and building web based systems.
  3. Good understanding of Mysql
  4. Well versed with writing code in Java, Python, html, JQuery
  5. Preferable to have –  Experience using Django framework
  6. Preferable to have – Experience using Nosql Databases

    Mobile Application Developer