Types of Services in The Hospitality Industry

Hospitality is one of the major contributors in revenue generation for an economy throughout the world, which is the direct relationship between the guest and the host. It majorly focuses on providing lodging or accommodation to the people who travel and need shelter leading to accepted customer satisfaction.

Hospitality includes five types of service characteristic to function well, which includes

  1. Ethereal Services.
  2. Perishable Services.
  3. Entangled Services.
  4. Concurrent Services
  5. Variable Services.

Ethereal Services– It means services which cannot be seen or touched but one can feel it. Communication, politeness and smile are few ethereal services which make the guest feel comfortable and give a sense of care and satisfaction, giving you a loyal customer for all time.

Perishable Services– Services which won’t last for long and one cannot feel the same experience every time. If the services are not up to the satisfactory level, next time customer can do research and choose for a another proper accommodation, in case of late check in and without informing, many a times booking made by the guest got cancelled and this gives the customer a understanding that next time he won’t have to be late and if they are late they need to inform in prior. So these kinds of services guest may not experience every time but at the same time it is necessary for smooth function of the hotels.

Entangled Services– This means Service (Accommodation), Customer and Service Provider cannot be separated in the hospitality industry. Accommodation needs various services and delivery to satisfy the need of the customer which is provided by service delivery providers. Ex – Food, basic supply (Toothpaste, shampoo etc) are essentials for customer to be satisfied.

Concurrent Services – These are those services which are delivered at the same time the consumer consumed it. Ex – The service provided by the hotel staffs when the guest orders the food and consumed it. It is all the concurrent services which can be intangible but makes the guest satisfied at fullest.

Variable Services– These include all those services offered during the interaction or the process with the customer which can vary time to time depending upon the standardization of the services. Guest may experience different level of services each time they visit the service provider (Accommodation) and service provider should ensure consistent quality to make loyal customer. For Ex- Food and services provided one time was great but another time it was different.

All these services cannot be separated in hospitality industry and is the bone for growth and should be concerned and followed by hospitality Industry.

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