Trend Alert! Smart Hotel Rooms

Smart technology has been in vogue in the recent years. The smart room concept is definitely one of the most important technology trends on the up-rise. The idea of a smart hotel room attracts customers for various reasons, including increased convenience and customization.

A large number of hotel owners are wholeheartedly embracing this technology. Hence, it’s about time we all join this new revolution.

What is a Smart Room?

A smart room essentially refers to a room that has internet-connectivity enabled with regular devices and fittings. Hence, multiple objects in the room bear the capacity to send and receive digital information.

What are the benefits of a Smart Room?

Smart technology is becoming an increasingly popular concept since it can significantly enhance guest experience. Smart room controls allow the guests to have their room as they desire in terms of adjustment in temperature, air conditioning and lighting, without involving any manual adjustment using switches or remotes.

Smart hotels also offer entertainment devices which can be regulated through voice commands. Room service can be opted for without having to speak to the hotel staff. All of these add up to the overall comfort and convenience of a hotel accommodation. It improves the guest’s perception of their stay and makes for a memorable experience which results in a high probability of the guest returning in the future.

Ways to convert a Regular Room to a Smart Room

Smart Room Controls

The air conditioning, heating, lights and even curtains of the room can be controlled from a centralized location, for example a tablet, smart speaker or smartphone. Voice controlled lighting and television are also gaining increasing popularity.

Efficient Guest Services

One of the key features of a Smart Hotel is to facilitate connecting devices to hotel services with ease. Services ranging from food and beverage orders, to booking massages or using the gym can be booked from a single device. Having a tablet or an app would allow all requests to be made in the click of a button.

Interactive Maps

Having interactive maps which show information about the hotel restaurants, spas and other facilities along with reviews and opening/closing times will not only allow the guests to make informed decisions but help in up selling offers as well. 

 Smart Mobility Solutions

Guests will be allowed to book rides to and from the hotel to desired destinations. Once the guests arrive at the airport, their rides will be waiting for them. Similarly, for rides to be made from the hotel, the guests will arrive at the concierge desk and his ride will be ready at the designated time.

 This trend is one to stay for long. Transform your hotels to a Smart Hotel before it gets too late!

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