The Rising Impact Of Virtual Reality In The Hotel Industry

Virtual Reality (VR) is an artificial environment which is created with softwares and presented in such a manner that the user accepts it as their real environment. Virtual marketing is the practice based on the use of VR videos and image technology to promote goods and services. Since the hotel industry wants to give their customers a great experience, the use of VR videos is becoming increasingly popular. These videos have the ability to provide realistic experiences which portray the attractions of the hotels very well. 

With the constant evolution of technology, watching virtual reality videos are not simply restricted to VR headsets. These videos can now be viewed on phones, tablets, laptops and desktops since they are available as VR 360 degree videos. Video content is gaining more attention when it comes to making travel plans since it gives the consumers an idea of what they should expect. VR takes it up a notch and displays highly accurate details of the hotels. You get a complete 360 degree view by moving your head if you’re wearing a VR set or simply swiping your screen if you’re watching the video on any other device. 

How Do Hotels Benefit From Virtual Reality Videos?

Enhance Your Consumer Experience

If we say an image is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth a thousand images. Virtual Reality videos create an interactive experience which is almost next to being physically present for the consumer. Your potential guests not only get to view the unique amenities your hotel has to offer but they also see the quality of your rooms which helps them understand the price-point for the rooms. 

Elevate Up-Selling and Cross-Selling 

When travellers are able to virtually experience how the rooms are, they are most likely to get an upgrade. As the guest views the different room types and categories, they themselves may want to get an upgrade based on the room or bed size, presence of bathtub, view from balcony and more. Additionally, you must include chargeable services or products in the room’s video  for example placing a bottle of champagne with a platter of cheese might simply make the guest order for it because that’s what they want to be welcomed to. Make sure to include video of  massage and spa facilities as well. The more a potential guest is able to experience through VR, the more will they desire to have the same. 

Be Ahead In The Game 

The hotel industry is a competitive one and VR is a new technology that has not been adopted by all. Guests will perceive your property as being modern and forward thinking as they get a VR tour from you. This could be one method to help you increase your bookings and beat your competition. 

Videos have a much higher capacity to attract attention when compared to text or audio. Adapt and become the change!

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