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In today’s competitive travel and tourism marketplace are you still struggling with No Shows or Pay at Hotel bookings and last minute cancelations? Hotels must constantly evolve with industry trends especially in one area where many hotels are still lagging is payments.

We suggest that you must get on with benefits to upgrading to a modern payment processor. Here is one of the top benefits you need to know about:

What is Flex Collect

Stayflexi PMS gives an option to Hotel to charge the card automatically or manually depending on the use case.

In this example, hotel charges the customer card provided on manually by clicking ‘Charge Customer Card’.

Stayflexi Flex Collect system intelligently recognizes if payments details are received for this booking and charges accordingly. Plus our in-built security system protects fraudulent charges and chargeback’s.

You can choose to have Stayflexi facilitate all of your guests’ payments for you. You’ll receive guaranteed payouts by bank transfer for all your reservations.

Auto Flex Collect

By choosing to use the automated solution you won’t have to chase guest payments

  • Automatically charge customer card received from OTA.
  • Puts bookings on Hold, if payment failed or payment is not done on time
  • Confirms booking if payment is made
  • You can take full control of bookings from to instantly charge and get confirmation.
  • Settlement to your bank account after guest checks-out.
  • Auto Refunds are easy and subject to cancellation policies
  • Real-time invoice updates and guest communications
  • Dashboard to view all Flex collect transactions with in Stayflexi PMS

Manual Flex Collect

  • Manually charge the customer card received from OTA
  • Manual refunds possible
  • Limitations on the chargeable amount – subject to booking amount
  • Multiple charges for the same booking possible. Best used for withholding deposit and initial confirmation amount.
  • Settlements towards the end of check-out
  • Real-time invoice updates and guest communications
  • Dashboard to view all Flex Collect transactions with in Stayflexi PMS

These ways of accepting payments through a platform like from Flex Collect, you can move the payment process online, taking away the need to transfer or store any sensitive cardholder information. The digital invoicing system designed especially for the hotel industry requires integration to the Property Management making it simple and quick to implement. With more bookings you are able to charge from the options above; your cancellation rate should drop, too.

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