Stayflexi Partners With Zapier: How Does It Help You?

Are you a hotelier who is looking for a one-stop solution to all your hotel management problems? Good news for you: StayFlexi is partnering up with Zapier. This article will explain exactly what this partnership means for you.

For those of you who have not opted for StayFlexi yet, let me quickly explain what it is. StayFlexi is a Property Management System (PMS). A PMS is a software that allows you to automate all the processes of running a hotel. For example, StayFlexi provides you with Auto Inventory Management, Self-Check-In/Check-Out facilities, Smart Housekeeping, etc. With StayFlexi, you can simply hand over the responsibility of all processes that are susceptible to human error. After all, nothing can beat a software at handling tons of consumer data and consistently performing routine processes 24×7. 

But, how does Zapier come into the picture? And how does it help StayFlexi users? 

What is Zapier?

Zapier is a software that automates all processes of running a business that is time-consuming and prone to human error. 

Zapier has something in common with StayFlexi besides the automations. It, too, is the master of all trades. Zapier allows you to do multiple things. It allows you to create workflows and create zaps. You can set conditions and be notified when those conditions are fulfilled. You can also create branched workflows. This basically means you can create algorithms without having to work on the actual coding process.

But there is one particular feature that makes Zapier’s tie-up with StayFlexi so beneficial for you. 

How Will The StayFlexi-Zapier Partnership Help You?

How will you be benefitted from this partnership as a hotelier? This question must have already popped up in your mind. 

Well, as a hotelier, you know very well that there are a hundred other processes to overlook. For example, you have to carry out extensive email marketing and also keep in touch with past guests. You also need to employ a Customer Relationship Management software to keep track of your interactions with the customers. You also need a different software to handle the accounting. Besides these, there was also the question of social media marketing and boosting your SEO. 

You probably already use other software like MailChimp, Hubspot, Quickbooks, etc. for these purposes. The problem is that you previously had to keep track of all of these applications separately. This was an unnecessary hassle because all the apps were essentially using the same pile of data. So, why not interconnect all of this?

This is exactly what Zapier does. It integrates the workings of 3,000+ apps. 

What does this mean for you exactly? Let’s say StayFlexi gets a new booking. A new contact can be automatically connected on Hubspot CRM. This contact will also be added to your MailChimp list so that you can send them automated emails. And, of course, you can also start managing the accounts for this contact on Quickbooks immediately as well. 

All of these processes happen simultaneously because Zapier is the thread that connects all of these apps. It allows you to transfer data from one app to the other seamlessly. Not just this, it allows you to create a workflow through these apps. You can do this by creating Zaps.

How to Create Zaps?

Set a Trigger

For this, you first need to fix a trigger app. If a particular event occurs in this app, an action will be triggered. Let’s say this app is StayFlexi. Then you will need to create a trigger event. For this example, let’s say the trigger event is StayFlexi registering a new booking. Then you need to select the app account that will be connected to the trigger app. And then finally, set up your trigger and test it once to ensure the right data is getting transferred.

Set an Action

This basically means: choose what is to be done when the trigger is activated. In this example, that means deciding what is to be done when you receive a booking. So, you need to select an action app. Let’s say you want to automatically create a Hubspot CRM account when there is a new booking. So, the action app will be Hubspot and the action event will be the creation of a Hubspot CRM account. 

Add More Actions or Filters: 

The creation of your Zap is almost complete. You can add further actions if you want to. It is not necessary for the Zap to be a two-step process. It can be a multilevel, multipronged process as well. For example, you can further create a Quickbooks account and add the customer to your MailChimp list. Additionally, you can also add filters to ensure that the Zap is triggered selectively. You can delay the action between certain Zaps if it is required, as well. (The maximum number of steps you can add in one Zap is 100.)

Turn on the Zap

Now all you need to do is name the Zap and turn it on! The automated process will immediately start. You can check all your Zap activity in your Zap History.

In Conclusion

This truly is the one-stop solution that you have been dreaming about. You can handle all your operations from a single platform. Marketing, accounting, inventory management, and SEO are all tied up. So, you don’t have to keep track of a dozen apps separately. 

StayFlexi already brought all your hotel automations to one platform. The Zapier partnership ensures that all your other departments are closely connected as well.

Want to know more about how this partnership can help you as a Stayflexi customer? Leave a comment below. 

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