Stayflexi Experimental Property Series: Fratelli Vineyards

Fratelli Vineyards, Maharashtra is an exotic vineyards located in Akluj, just a three and a half hours drive away from Pune. It makes a great weekend getaway for those who want to escape the noise and the chaos of the city. They have beautiful and expansive vineyards where wine-making is guided by the veteran winemaker from Tuscany, Piero Masi. 

We are excited to partner with Fratelli Vineyards as its property management system.

The vineyards don’t just boast of their lush greenery. Guests can sample varieties of wine, take a tour through the vineyards and take a look at the wine-making process. They can also enjoy a gourmet Italian meal at the vineyards. The partnership with Stayflexi has proven to be especially beneficial to those guests who want to avoid the weekend rush as flexible bookings make it much easier for them.

Fratelli Vineyards can now take bookings at point of the day using our flex bookings feature. This makes it incredibly easier for working professionals to spend a night or just a couple of hours at the vineyards instead of making a rigid 2-day weekend plan. This has an added benefit for the Fratelli owners. Flexible bookings always lead to an increase in revenue because no rooms ever go empty when hourly bookings are allowed.

Before Stayflexi, Fratelli was having a difficult time managing their overall operations, because inventories were maintained by the hotel staff. With the bookings spread over multiple OTAs, the guaranteed overbooking or double-booking was happening a lot. However, the Auto-Inventory Management feature of Stayflexi ensures that whenever a room is booked, the inventory gets automatically updated. And because of its seamless 2-way sync, this change in inventory is automatically reflected in every OTA platform that Fratelli is listed on. 

For example, the rooms of Fratelli Vineyards can currently be booked through MakeMyTrip, TripAdvisor, and ClearTrip. Whenever a guest books a room through any of these, the inventory gets updated instantly. Guests can also book a room directly from the hotel website through Stayflexi. 

Fratelli Vineyards has two main products for sale: wine and cheese. The wine, of course, is made under the strict guidance of Piero Masi while the cheese is supplied by Käse. Käse was founded by two women called Namrata and Anuradha who decided to build a company to employ specially-abled women. Rare cheeses like Sangiovese Leaf Aged Cheddar and Syrah Rinsed Gusto is available at Fratelli. Not only do they pair excellently with the wine, but some of these are also rinsed in wine to give them a specific flavor.

Fratelli will also be using the Stayflexi Point Of Sale (POS). With Flex POS, Fratelli will not need a separate restaurant management system. Flex POS makes it extremely easy to run e-commerce outlets on your property. So, currently, guests can browse through the wine and cheese selection from their mobiles and order accordingly. No need to wait at any hotel kiosk. Guests can get the items delivered directly to their rooms. This is obviously a great boon during this pandemic. 

Also, payments for the wine and cheese are processed automatically immediately through Stayflexi. There is no need to wait till the check-out process to see what the final bill has amounted to. This also helps the property owners pinpoint the returns coming from their e-commerce sales. This payment processing system and accounting system are inherently a part of Flex POS as well. Fratelli Vineyards no longer needs to use separate software for each of its individual functions. 

Flex POS takes almost no time and no expertise to set up even though all new partners are given training on how to use Stayflexi. There is another lesser-known perk in store for Fratelli Vineyards. Stayflexi will provide it with detailed reports on their e-commerce sales so that Fratelli is well-aware of which products sell the best. These reports will help the property improve their e-commerce sales. 

Fratelli Vineyards is already benefitting through this partnership and we look forward to a beautiful and healthy business relationship with Fratelli in the future. 

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