Rethinking payments with Stayflexi

It is an everyday thing to purchase things using a credit card at a hotel.  One thing we have been hearing more and more about, which escalated during the pandemic was “contactless” payments.

To go fully contactless you must ensure that your guests can pay through their mobile phones. Stayflexi allows you to do just that through a payment link!

Here are a few things that make Stayflexi’s Payment System unique: 

No Money Lost on Cancellations

Post-paid OTA portals are most likely necessary to deal with since they are popular ways guests book. That doesn’t change the fact that you stand to lose an enormous amount of money because of post-paid bookings. 

50% of the cancellations that hoteliers face are because of post-paid bookings through OTA’s. Since the customers make no down payment while booking the rooms, it’s extremely convenient for them to cancel whenever they want to, without any consequences. With last-minute cancellations, you are losing money every minute those rooms are open. 

The solution here is simple- you need to ensure that you are paid before the booking is confirmed, especially on OTA’s

Stayflexi’s Flex Collect identifies post-paid bookings and puts them on hold. A payment link is created which you can then send to your customer. The customer is then informed that unless the payment is completed, the booking will not be confirmed.

This ensures that OTA’s cannot put a dent in your revenues with last-minute cancellations. Also, even if card payments fail on-site or the customer raises various issues during their stay, you can still be certain that you are not going to miss out on revenue. 

Complete Transparency, No Chargebacks 

Chargebacks are a problem and everyone has to deal with them. 

Stayflexi’s Payment System makes sure every transaction is settled with your bank right away. This ensures that whatever grievances the guest has, the issue of refunds or disputed payments do not leave the hotel. 

During checkout, the process of paying any additional costs is extremely transparent. Since the guest is provided with a detailed list of their expenses and a payment link, they have the time and freedom to go through the bill thoroughly.  

Immediate POS Payments

Stayflexi allows you to keep your POS collections separate from your booking revenues. If a guest buys anything from a POS outlet like a restaurant or retail space, the accounts are settled right there. 

This has two benefits. First, it leaves no confusion in the minds of the guests as to what they are spending on. You don’t need to add these expenses to the final checkout bill. Second, you get a separate analytics report for how well your POS shops are doing because you have separate data on them. 

50+ Global Currencies Accepted 

Stayflexi’s Payment System also accepts 50+ currencies from all over the world. This makes booking your hotel extremely easy for anyone in the world. They do not have to go through the hassle of exchanging a lump sum of their currency just to pay for the expenses at your hotel. 

Stayflexi also allows you to create loyalty programs based on the customer behavior tracked by the PMS. As far as security goes, our servers are PCI DSS compliant and our payment getaways are carefully chosen based on their high-security standards. 

Stayflexi is dedicated to protecting your revenue in every possible way. We are here to help with chargebacks, card declines, cancellations, or non-payments. 

Have any further questions about Flexi Collect? Do let me know in the comments below!

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