It’s both! We provide a highly sophisticated hotel PMS and also allow you to sell your inventory directly on our OTA platform.

Yes, it complements your current system by boosting bookings on your unsold inventory. You can get connected to us even though you are using other PMS systems via channel managers or direct connection with our OTA extranet.

It’s a cloud service. You can operate the system from any where in the world!

We have connections with over a 100 channels

Our platform supports over 25+ currencies and 20+ countries.

Our intelligent flexible booking model drives in more last minute and business customers. Our channel management engine will drive more online bookings from multiple channels while boosting your unsold inventory using our unique intelligent tools.

You can configure slots based on your housekeeping schedules and demand of your property. Our platform also notifies you on guest arrivals and departures.

Yes, please check digital franchising section.

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