Personalization In Marketing

Personalization marketing is also known as one-to-one marketing. In this marketing strategy, one delivers promotional content to their customers on an individual basis. Collection of data and analysis of the same is the key to provide content to clients that is highly relevant. 

This marketing strategy is definitely difficult to implement but the advantages that come along with it make it worth your time. The promotional mails or content that you send out will be more relevant to the target audience with respect to their likes and dislikes. The consequence of this strategy is that your marketing budget will be effectively used with less resources being spent on low probability promotional content. 

Personalised Mails

Hotels usually have details of all their guests. Some may feel keeping the details are not worth it but personalization marketing shows you how to use these details effectively. Instead of just sending a generic birthday wish mail to your guests, include their name. Additionally attach a discount coupon on the room booking or a meal at your restaurant. You have not only made your guest feel special on their birthday but you have encouraged them to make a return visit!

Social Media Page 

Social media is not only a good platform for marketing but also a great space to engage with your customers. Brands tend to use their social media to interact with customers/followers through comments. Often humorous or witty comments get a lot of attention. Showing what goes behind the scenes for example, the restaurant chef whipping up something exciting for a new menu or how quick your housekeeping staff can make a bed are glimpses that would help the audience connect more with you. You can also host giveaways through quizzes, lucky draws et cetera for more audience engagement. 

Relevant Services 

Try to offer the services of your hotel which are relevant for your customers. You can help your guests with guided tours, highlighting some unique experiences. If your hotel does not have a restaurant, make a list of must visit restaurants in your area and provide them to guests in search for a good meal. Childrens’ activities such as gaming, swimming pool activities, or no fire cooking in the restaurant can be arranged. 

Adopting this marketing strategy could turn out to be highly beneficial for your business. Target the correct audience, spend less and gain more!

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