Flexible booking is made from anytime to anytime and charged accordingly, unlike a traditional booking which is typically from noon to noon.

Example flexible bookings
9 AM today to 10PM today
9AM today to 9AM tomorrow
10PM today to 9AM tomorrow

Most of the time, customers want to arrive and depart hotel on their own timings. You need to fill unsold rooms while providing the value to your customers.

Flexible bookings are a perfect fit for you. It’s not that you are discounting heavily on your rooms (like on other OTAs), rather you are charging the right amount for the length of the customer stay. Hence you are making the customer happy while doing the right thing.

No, Flexible bookings are not charged by the hour, rather we charge them by the slots that you can create in our platform. You can set the minimum slot duration a customer should stay depending on your hotel’s demand. Great thing is, you can even have a 24 hour slot duration. For example, customer can come today morning at 9AM and leave at 9AM tomorrow.

Stayflexi Flexible bookings are designed to solve this primary problem. Hotels can configure their flexible slots start and end timings so that they know when customers can check-in and checkout (unlike pure hourly stays, where you don’t have control) . Stayflexi housekeeping module is given for free to hotels where we notify the guest arrivals and departures.

We are connected to your channel managers. Contact us to know what channel managers are currently supporting. If you are not part of our supported channel managers, we will provide you light weight extranet, where you can manage inventory and pricing quickly. If you are not using any channel managers, we will provide one for you, you may be eligible for free channel manager.

You can enable / disable flexible bookings option with the click of a button. You can even define rules to control flexibility on various factors like occupancy, season, weekdays, weekends and more.

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