How can I set different rate templates?

You can Add Rate Template by following the below mentioned steps –

  • Go to Revenue Management > Rate Template
  • Click to add a rate template.
  • Fill in the details :

More elaboration on the Add New Rate Template fields :

  • What’s the name of rate template – Give a name to your rate template.
  • Select color for rate template – Different colors can be selected to differentiate rate plans.
  • Describe your template in few words – Brief about the rate template here.

Once the details are filled, click Save Rate Template to proceed. After saving the rate template you will find below page:

Template Calendar will be the next step to select the dates for your each rate template. Choose any date range from the below calendar and proceed

A pop-up will appear on the calendar page, once a date is selected. You will find all created rate templates by you on this pop-up.

Choose the date range and apply > Click on Save.