How can I add itmes to an order?

Once you have created the order, you can see confirmation detail. Click ok and you will be redirected to the order details page where you can manage the order and also can add more items by clicking on Add more item option.

Once you have added the items then click on the cart, it will move you to the order page.

You can also view Full POS folio. Click on Full POS Folio and you can several operations as below :

  • Add Shop items – You can add more items to the exixting order.
  • Finish POS Order – If you want to complete the order.
  • Cancel – If you want to cancel the order.
  • Print Invoice – You can print the invoice.
  • Refresh – If you add more items then you need to refresh it.
  • Settle Dues – Explained Below.
  • Add custom item – Explained below.
  • Remove items.