How can I add Admins to my group login?

This is the group access control option where you can provide access to multiple users for all or selected hotels under your entire chain.

By following the below steps you can add Group Admins :-

  1. Login to Stayflexi account – Click on Group admin on the Group Dashboard page.
  2. Click on Add admin .
  3. Enter the email id for which you want to create the login.
  4. Select the hotels for which you want to give access.
  5. Enter the password and confirm the password by reentering.
  6. Click on Submit button
  7. Your Admin login is created and is visible on the page.
  8. You can delete the admin anytime by clicking the delete Admin button all the admin access given to that email address will be deleted.
  9. You can also revoke the access of any user by clicking on Revoke Access Button it will revoke all the access the user has for the particular property.               
  10. You can easily download the report in any format by clicking the at right hand side corner.
  11. You can also search for any user in the search tab by writing the name.