How can I add New Rate Plan?

  1. Go to Revenue Management > Rate Plans
  2. Click on add new rate plan.
  3. Fill in rate category name, select the relevant options for your rate plan and describe your rate plan.

More elaboration on the Add Rate Plan fields:

  • Rate Category Name – Give your rate plan a standard name (EP, CP or Room Only, Room with Breakfast, etc.).
  • Set your Rates – This feature allows you to create dependent rate plans, which can be set at higher or lower percentage.
  • Select a Policy – Select a policy for your Rate Plan, which can be created through the Policies tab.
  • Allow Pay at Property – Your guest will have the option to Pay at Property when selected Yes Allow.
  • Hide Rate Plan on Booking Engine – If Selected Yes, Rate plan will not be visible on Booking Engine.
  • Which Room Types? – Select your choice of room categories on which the rate plan should be applied.
  • Describe Rate Category – Give a brief description of your rate plan.

Once the details are selected, click Save Rate Plan to proceed.

To edit any rate plan, click on the existing rate plan tab

To delete any rate plan, click on the existing rate plan tab.