International Women’s Day 2022: Here’s to strong and amazing women at Stayflexi

Dear women,

You have come a long way from finding an inspiration to becoming an inspiration. You have been successfully able to #BreakTheBias by being an excellent contributor in every sector that we can probably think of.

The tech industry has always been notorious for its glass ceiling that women have been unable to access. And this has obviously stemmed from some systemic issues of workplace biases that mere lip service cannot get rid of. 

However, at Stayflexi, we aim to go beyond superficial changes. So on this International Women’s Day, we’re shining the spotlight on the amazing women that we have with us.  Here we will hear directly from the women of Stayflexi and how their experience in the company has been. Take a look at some of the women strengths of our company who have successfully managed to make their mark in this sector. 

They have been working in the tech industry for multiple years. Therefore, there is much to learn from their experiences in that regard as well. We also got to know the various factors that motivate them to go on working in this industry. 

Has Stayflexi  dreaded that glass ceiling? Or did it really manage to get rid of systemic issues of workplace biases? These narratives by our female employees will make the answer evident. 

The theme of 2022’s International Women’s Day is: “gender equality today for a sustainable tomorrow.” What this means is that gender equality is not just the urgent need of the times, it has far reaching implications for the future as well. 

This is exactly why Stayflexi has not just limited itself to some superficial changes to make tiny allowances for women in a man’s world. Instead, Stayflexi believes in changing the overall work culture so that it can be shaped around the needs of the female employees. 

So, this International Women’s Day let’s hear from some of the women of Stayflexi directly!

Blessy S. V. 

One of Stayflexi’s Most Driven Business Development Executives

What motivates you to keep working?

“With regards to Stayflexi- let your workspace not just be a space where you make money. Make the company your own. Aim at getting better results, help out on reaching the target, take responsibility. And the money will flow in automatically.

It’s very important to be selfless and to go the extra mile for a friend.”

How is your experience working here at Stayflexi?

“As a fresher, I couldn’t have been more blessed to be a part of Stayflexi. Everyone is just so encouraging. It’s so amazing to work with such talented people. Stayflexi helps me reach my full potential.”

What’s your experience as a women in tech industry?

A  lot of women out there have issues with gender discrimination in IT, but honestly  for me , it’s been great. I haven’t had any issues.

Alysia Bruno

A steadfast fixture of Stayflexi as the Director of Sales, US. 

How has your experience been working with Stayflexi?

“My experience these first few months at Stayflexi has allowed me to utilize my creativity, past experiences, and gain more knowledge in this hotel PMS space. Technology is ever changing and improving, and Stayflexi is a clear example of a company that is forward thinking, quick to innovate and improve, and truly cares about the experience it provides not just for the employee but the customer and their guests.”

How has your experience been as a woman in the tech industry?

“I’ve been in the hotel tech industry for about 10 years now and I absolutely love it. As a woman in this space, I’ve experienced great opportunities, continued growth and expansion, and much success. The advantage of having hotel property experience as a foundation, has made my role in the tech side very successful and beneficial to my customers because I’ve been in their shoes and know the everyday experiences at the hotel level. I am able to provide a truly consultative approach which allows for clear solutions and satisfied customers.”

What motivates you to keep working?

“I strive to live day to day with a positive mind set, all things are possible. Success is a way of thinking. Having a company like Stayflexi that offers a positive, team environment where I know I am supported, appreciated, and empowered to make decisions, motivates me to continually do my very best.”

Rohini Varma

An essential part of our Revenue Management Team

How has been your experience working with Stayflexi?

“Stayflexi respects women in every aspect. I feel that there’s a certain flexibility about working here just as the name suggests.”

How has your experience been as a woman in the tech industry?

“I’ve been in this industry for more than 5 years now, and it gives me immense pleasure working for hotels. Even though we have to be available all the time!”

How do you motivate yourself?

“Motivation always exists in the form of the people around me who want me to be independent.”

Akhila R

A strong pillar of Stayflexi, our Director of Customer Associations

How has your experience been working with Stayflexi?

The journey in StayFlexi has been fantastic. Everyday there is something new to learn.

How has your experience been as a woman in the tech industry?

I feel appreciated when I am given the credit for my work and the ideas pitched has been taken into consideration.

Praneetha Manchala

Stayflexi’s most Intuitive and insightful revenue managers 

How has your experience been working with Stayflexi?

It is a good experience working in Stayflexi comfortable working culture here“.

How has your experience been as a woman in the tech industry?

“I have been working at the complete core of RM. It’s a new learning for me about product”

What motivates you to keep working?

I started working  at a very young age as this is my passion. motivation is learning things that improve every aspect of me“.

Shagufta Ashique

Insightful, Understanding & a great Client Relationship Manager

How has your experience been working with Stayflexi?

My experience at Stayflexi is simply great. Being a fresher, Stayflexi is a very good platform to work with. I can say that I’m blessed to be an employee at Stayflexi, where people goes way beyond to help each other. Looking forward to grow more in this company.

How has your experience been as a woman in the tech industry?

“Being a women, it’s absolutely a secured environment which I feel. Starting from seniors to your co-employee all are very much understanding and flexible. Words are very few to define my feelings for this company, it’s actually not a company for me it’s my second home. Creating a working environment for women doesn’t mean just creating it but Stayflexi goes way beyond that and makes it super flexible for women to work in it. I seriously feel blessed to work in this company. Seniors are such who makes u feel secured, I’m blessed to have Binay Sir as my reporting manager.”

Madhurima Sen

Creative and Original, our Content and Marketing Specialist

How has your experience been working with Stayflexi?

“In one word, its amazing! I love working here. People are helpful, they value my ideas. Not only that they are extremely understanding. Here you can have a perfect balance of your personal and professional life.”

How has your experience been as a woman in the tech industry?

It’s great. I don’t think I have faced any biased mentalities till now.

What keep you motivated?

“Being valued is what keeps me motivated and I also believe that self love and positive mindset and help you get a long way.”

Simran Chriselda

Motivated and understanding, our Human Resource Associate

Your experience while working with stayflexi?

At the offset super grateful to the entire management team for giving me this opportunity to work and also encouraging me to do my best, My work is very monotonous, I have something new to do and learn every day, I love coming to office and working with my colleagues!

Your experience as a women in tech industry?

Usually in a IT industry there is no proper worklife balance, but stayflexi has change the stereotype “IT life is hectic” for me, I enjoy my work to the fullest J

What’s your motivation as in what you live by?

In everything I do, I give it my best and more than a 100 percent and when I see the results, it makes me the happiest!  “Whenever you do something, do it happy and give it your best, when you see the results- IT’S BLISS, a motivation to do better, a crazy adrenaline rush!!

The Other Pillars of Support

We also have…

Sharon Rose A.,

A driven and astute support specialists 

Ruhma Fathima

A soft spoken and inspirational team leader that Stayflexi couldn’t do without.

Omeshwari V.

Creative and motivated member of the support team

Puja Singh

Inventive and original, Stayflexi’s trusted Business Development Manager. 

Ankitha Sarika Chepudira

Innovative and dedicated support specialist

Premakumari D. 

Inventive and Astute, a trusted fixture of Stayflexi in her role as Software Quality Engineer. 

Poojitha M.

Inspired and discerning, as a Onboarding Specialist she plays one of the most indispensable roles at Stayflexi

There is much to learn from the narratives above…

Especially how these women have broken the mould of the man’s world of tech and established their firm footholds in it. As is evident from the narratives above, every women have a special way of contributing to the hotel tech industry that cannot be ignored. 

Today we celebrate the contributions of each female employee who are contributing to Stayflexi’s growth. Moreover, it is very important that we, the women of Stayflexi, take each other up as inspiration in our journey going forward. After all, as the theme says,  we need to make gender equality a fixture for a sustainable future.

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