Hygiene: The Newest Marketing Strategy

It goes without saying that it is an absolute necessity for hotels to enhance their hygiene protocol to the maximum in these times. However, just focusing on the measures being taken is not enough. One must inform their guests about what exactly is being done to ensure their safety and that is where the newest marketing strategy comes into play!

Highlight Your Hygiene Rules Followed during the Booking Process 

Once the customer visits your website and tries to book a room, it is crucial to highlight the measures being taken in your property. You can include images of your staff doing minute checks in the room to ensure it’s absolutely safe for a stay. Include details of disinfection protocols being followed or how your linen is being washed. If you have made arrangements for luggage disinfection, ensure to state that as well.

Convey Hygiene Protocols via Pre-Arrival Messages/Mails

Even before your guest arrives at the hotel, give them a list of the measures you have adopted for a safer experience at the hotel. Let them know about contactless check in and check out. Inform them how you are ensuring contactless delivery of food to their rooms. 

Apart from what is being followed in your hotel, give them an idea of the norms being followed in your area such as mandatory wearing of masks, maintaining distance and more. 

Promote Contactless Technology 

Many hotels have switched to contactless technology. This ranges from contactless check ins, check outs, digital keys, online payments to digital menu cards and more. While we are all used to the conventional methods, these times have called for changing our age old approaches. Inform and educate your guests about the new technology for a better experience. 

Hygiene measures are key in enhancing the image of your hotel. It is a necessity to adopt new practices to keep up with the demands of the time. 

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