How to Increase Guest Satisfaction

You are simply as good as your customers think you are. Whether you are managing a chain of giant corporate hotels or handling a single property, guest satisfaction is a top priority. Guests must be provided what was promised to them and at times you may have to go above and beyond to impress your customers. 

Why is Guest Satisfaction important?

With the growth of social media, your guests are your most powerful marketing tools. If your guests have a good time at your hotel, they will not only recommend you to their friends and family but may also share their experience on social media. 

Guest satisfaction is a clear indicator of how well your staff is able to provide the experience that is expected when the booking is being made. Online ratings help us gauge the extent of customer satisfaction. Positive feedback from guests is one of the best ways to continue growing your brand. Brands depend on customer loyalty which is achieved through high guest satisfaction. Decline in ratings naturally imply poor guest contentment and it’s essential to look into the root causes and address them. 

These simple tips should help in providing your guests a good experience:

Mobile Friendly Application 

Your guest’s experience begins way before they arrive at the reception to check in. Hence, it is quite essential to have a mobile friendly app that contains images, videos and comments that show what their stay will look like. Incorporate good engaging content and allow “Book Now” pop-ups to appear wherever possible. As a traveller connects with your brand online, they will instantly be able to understand what you have to offer and expect the same. 

A Helpful Welcome Message 

An easy yet effective manner to increase guest satisfaction is to send your guests an useful welcome message containing information about check-in timings , customizations that you can offer and more. Ask them if they have any special requests and how you can help them. The guest not only gets more informed about their stay but they also get a feeling that your team is available to listen to them. 

Up-Sell to Guests 

Enlist the top services and activities that your hotel offers and send them to your guests through the already established messaging channel or chatbox. Encourage your guests to get spa or yoga bookings to help them relax further during their vacation. Offer table reservations to them. In following such simple practices you are not only able to up-sell but the customer gets a sense of being treated well. 

Showcase Customer Feedback 

It shows you value the opinion of your customers when you accept and promote online reviews. Positive reviews show that your team has gone the extra mile to make the guests have a great experience. Send out surveys on guest satisfaction to your customers to get detailed feedback from them and display the data on your social media to engage prospective customers. 

It’s simple to enhance guest satisfaction when you have the correct team working for you. It begins with selecting the correct software system, having revenue management in place and more. Check out to know more. 

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