How Booking Engine works Effectively for your Property

An online booking engine is an important tool for your property, as it allows you to accept direct bookings and effectively manage your reservations.

However, once you invest in a booking engine, you will want to make sure that you are using it effectively.

This allows you to ultimately boost your direct bookings and generating a significant return on your original investment in this innovative technology.

We give you few tips to help you get the most out of your Booking Engine:

Incorporate SEO Best Practices into Your Website

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is the practice of ensuring that your website is highly-visible to your target audience. An effective SEO strategy will help your property website achieve top rankings on search engine results, while also increasing your conversions. Use targeted keywords within your content to attract your target market segment to your property. When your potential guests easily locate your page and click on it, they find out that they can quickly book directly with your property using the online booking engine.

Utilize a Channel Manager to Improve Your Distribution

Another way to improve your reach in the travel industry is to use a channel manager that integrates with your online booking engine. With a channel manager, you can increase the number of online channels that you work with and easily accept bookings from them. It will display your live rates and availability, and automatically update when one a guest books a room at your property. This allows you to increase your bookings.

Create Promotions

You can schedule direct booking promotions and discounts through your website booking engine, making it simple for you to implement these options for your guests. Guests will be more motivated to book directly through your online booking engine, as they can earn an additional discount. Promotions also can help you increase your brand recognition.

Develop a Social Media Strategy that Drives Bookings

Social media has become a powerful platform for travel-industry. Many platforms, including #Facebook, allow you to offer direct booking over the platform itself. This allows you engage with your guests on a personal level while still focusing on your business goals.

Most importantly, you need to invest in an online booking engine that will work for your specific type of property. B&Bs, Homestays, Condos are a niche part of the hotel industry, and you will want a booking engine that understands your unique needs.

The uniqueness of  Flexible Booking Engine

Your booking engine is the one tool you have to generate direct reservations on your website. Consequently, we focus on the goal of converting visitors into paying guests, hence you have to make it visually appealing.  Stayflexi Booking Engine has a stunning OTA like user interface. Make more revenue with early checkins and late checkouts.  Instantly fill-up those unsold room inventories with flexible slot booking options.

Having your booking engine incorporated in your website is crucial to ensure a clear and consistent user experience. It is easy to implement and integrate into your website.

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