World’s first fully automated and flexible property management system Stayflexi Platform

Learn how below features sets StayFlexi Platform apart from the competition:

  • mobile-first PMS system
  • fully automated, intuitive UI
  • integrated payment services
  • audits, reports and statistics
  • early checkins & late checkouts
  • integrated point of sale services
  • flexible rate management for higher revenue
  • designed for hotel chains and individual hotels

Fully Automated, Intuitive UI

  • Intuitive Modern UI

    A smooth interface makes your customers automatically more receptive. An interface designed for everyone.

  • Automated platform

    Minimize the amount of time it takes to complete simple tasks so you can focus more on taking first-class care of your guest.

  • Single point management

    Everyone likes to be in full control of the things around. Therefore our Software is intended to automate operation with just one powerful system.

  • Automated housekeeping

    Take a quick look at whether the room is occupied, ready for guests, needs cleaning or requires maintenance. Directly assign Housekeeping staff and for cleaning the room.

  • Consolidated inventory management

    Handle all your external listings and reservations in less time and with less hassle. Manage the distribution of room inventory across online & offline booking channels from one place

Early checkins & Late checkouts

  • Make more revenue with early checkins and late checkouts

    The new age customer is looking for more flexibility and hotels wish for full occupancies. Instantly fill-up those unsold room inventory with flexible time based slot booking options.

  • Smart Hoteliering

    With the OTAs driving away your business, it’s the time for you take control of your bookings and retain your guests. Offering flexible checkins and checkouts not only boosts revenues but also drives future direct bookings.

  • Automated way of doing early checkins and late checkouts

    Stayflexi intelligent platform understands the availability of rooms and housekeeping schedules in your property and automatically upsells for early checkins and late checkouts to your customers.

Integrated Payment services

  • Accept multiple currencies

    Partnership with stayflexi makes your property go truly global. We support 25+ currencies natively on our platform by partnering with leading payment gateways in the industry.

  • Payment links and invoices

    Do you receive lot of pay at hotel bookings ? you can follow up with customers with payment links and reminders to get advanced deposits with single click of a button. You can as well raise detial invoices and settle dues post checkout.

  • Insta payouts

    Never wait for a month to get your payouts. Stayflexi insta payout option will route the payments from customers immediately to your bank account in real time while giving you total control on refunds.

Integrated point of sale services

  • Setup any shop and sell items

    Easy to set-up, rich in features, and simple to use. POS removes all the complications from managing your hotel outlets and services. Be it your Restaurant, Spa or laundry.

  • Order management

    Create orders, assign tables or staff, serve customers with ease. Order management had never been simpler and inventory management had never been easier.

  • Restaurant , Spa or any other custom POS

    A modern POS system should accept self servicing orders from any place. You can customize the POS to take direct orders in shop or in-room services.

Audits, Reports and Statistics

  • Single point reporting

    View all reports in single dashboard. See how many rooms occupies and revenue generated with detail splits at room id level, room type level, channel level, POS level and more.

  • Audits and schedules

    Our smart audit reporting and scheduling delivers the audit reports every night or on your customized schedules, while showing details on revenues collected, settled dues and taxes.

  • Property performance analysis

    Performance numbers of your property for last week, last month, next month or any custom date ranges.