Powerful software to manage and scale your room distribution efficiently

Manage all reservations seamlessly from online channels

Maximize revenues Save time Flexible management Powerful integrations
  • Uninterrupted 100+ Channels Support
  • Easy Calendar Integration
  • Insta Distribute And 2-Way Sync
  • PMS Integration
  • Supports Multiple Channel Managers

Trusted by 1000+ properties worldwide

Easier way to manage & grow your room distribution network

Automate your property’s online distribution and increase your bookings with our flexible channel manager. Manage room prices, inventory & hotel bookings across all online channels, OTA’s in real-time. A robust software that connect your property with more than 100 popular OTA channels so that you can distribute more room inventory on online channels instantly spreading your reach globally to increase bookings.

  • Rate Parity is maintained
  • Easily add new channel partners
  • Avoid the risk of over-bookings

Why Stayflexi Distribution Manager

Auto inventory management

Smart inventory management for blocking or unblocking inventory for flexible bookings

Maintain rate parity

Automatically updates changes made across all channels without room rate parity issues

Dynamic pricing

Automatically update correct rates daily across multiple channels

Single interface for OTAs

View and manage bookings from all connected channels in single place

Easy payments

Auto payment collections for pay at hotel bookings from OTAs like booking.com

Analytics, Reporting & Taxing

Advanced channel manager report, including commissions, taxes and other details

Instant 2 way sync

Price and inventory updates synced real-time to all connected channels

Manage walk-in reservation

Update walk-ins into the system and automatically update inventory on all connected OTAs

Client’s experience with Stayflexi

No more double bookings!

With Stayflexi you can manage all your OTA pricing through our built in channel manager. Get everything updated in real time.

Channel distribution manager benefits for your hotel

Increase hotel’s operational efficiency

A channel distribution manager allows you to manage multiple sales channels/OTA’s with a single click from your dashboard

Say no to overbookings

Let’s you update your dashboard & OTAs- automatically and simultaneously- so that there is no stress of overbookings for you

Room Mapping

Map room to several room-types on different channels to maintain a common inventory pool.

Flawless Interface

Distribution manager integration with hotel PMS and booking system enables you to update live inventory on all connected channels.

The secret to your hotel’s success

A 10 minute demo can save you $1000 per month.

Still confused?

Frequently Asked Questions

Distribution Engine (or Flex D) is innovative model Stayflexi introduced to provide complete coverage of channels and GDS to our hotels. You can see Distribution Engine as a collection of channel managers.

We connect with multiple channel managers and provide you the best channel connectivity based on your requirements. All under single Stayflexi Platform.

Yes, you can. We provide free connectivity with any Channel Manager. We also offer our recommended ones to you to easily switch over.

It’s a cloud service. You can access the system from any where in the world!

We have connections with over a 100 channels through our channel manager partners.

Yes, we do. Through our partner channel managers, we provide these connections.