Manage all your Properties under One Account

Group Access Controls Reports White Label Solution Notifications
  • Multiple Properties From Single Dashboard
  • Create Owner Dashboards
  • Add Admins And Sub-Admins
  • Group Reports And Insights
  • Available On Orchestra App

Trusted by 1000+ properties worldwide

Unique Features

Single Sign-On

Access all of your properties from single sign-on and single dashboard. With master access, you can check reports and insights of all your properties in single view.

3D Advanced Access Controls

You can add as many sub admins or group management personnel. You can provide them special access to subset of your properties and access to subset of features with in each property. We call it 3D access controls.

Owner’s Portal

If you are management company and wanted to provide extreme transparency to your property owners, you are in the right place. This feature not only boosts your transparency image but also reduces trivial support requests from property owners or hosts.

Multiple properties. One single platform!

No more errors while managing multiple properties manually. Use stayflexi group management system and micromanage your entire operation through a single dashboard.

Performance Insights

Multi dimensional reporting allows you to compare performance across all of your properties. You can dig through performance of flexible bookings, room types, rate plans and booking sources.


Yes, you can manage all of your properties at scale from single dashboard. Some of our groups manage 100+ properties.

Yes, master admin will have all those controls.

Master admin can create sub-admin and assigns subset of properties and subset of accesses. We call it 3D access control mechanism.

Technically you can, by creating Owner as sub-admin and restricting the accesses to sub-admin.