Dynamic Pricing runs your property like an airline
Pricing Rules Occupancy AnalysisMarket ConditionsAuto Price Updates

Best option to thrive in the highly competitive pricing game. We believe in ‘Pricing it right’ instead of ‘Pricing it low’.

  • Occupancy based rules
  • Price Intelligence
  • Touchless price updates
  • Easy and Innovative UI

Touchless Pricing

Keep calm and set rules, the rest will be assured. Managing demand and pricing accordingly is the most tedious task, our dynamic pricing comes in handy to adjust the prices as per demand.

Easy to Use

With question and answer based wizard, you can set your occupancy goals with in seconds. You can view the price updates and rules run status on a calendar.

Across All Channels

Dynamic pricing works like magic, it not only changes the prices on your system, but also distributes to all connected channels instantaneously.


No, it comes with basic platform subscription.

Yes, you can disable and enable rules on date ranges.

Of course, you can. Under Room Management -> Room and Inventory section.

On inventory calendar, it shows by default the latest prices, including dynamic prices. If you wanted to see original prices, you can toggle ‘show base prices’ option on top right.

Yes, please check ‘Dynamic pricing log report’ under Reports section.