Booking Engine – Best Module to increase your hotel Revenue

Your online travel agents (OTAs) help you to reach a wider audience globally; also it is the source of visibility of your hotel across the continents. Hotels rely on OTAs to reach their audiences, undoubtedly. However, every portal comes with limitations. 

It is the time that hotels must focus on their revenue and booking management system through websites to avoid certain shortcomings which they face with different online portals.

A Part Of Your Revenue Goes To OTAs-
It is very much clear that hotels pay a huge chunk of commission to their online travel partners on every booking. In some cases, it can even be as high as 20%. Consider just how much money you could be losing annually if all your bookings are made solely on these third-party sites. A loss at such a high percentage is a major concern for any hotel, especially for independent and small-scale operators.

An efficient way to build a strong direct-booking engine would be using hotel property management systems online booking engines. And here comes StayFlexi Booking Engine, which can be integrated into your website.

Increase your Loyalty And Build Direct Relationships
StayFlexi helps you to automate your system when you configure it to your website. It helps you to rely lesser on third-party online agents to get you the bookings. There is a need to fill the gap of customer disconnection with you and your hotel.

By integrating a direct-booking engine on your website, you can create a strong customer connection with your loyal customers. Customers can also explore more options, deals, and promotions through the website. .

StayFlexi for Web Booking Engine
StayFlexi provides a wide range of benefits that can be availed by a hotel. With the best features and user friendly interface, it makes it very easy for every hotelier to manage their Booking Engine page as well as for the guests to visit the page and easily book on the website booking engine page.

While booking engines will help you make a room booking more easy from your website. It is equally important that your rates should be competitive rates when compared to the rates on the OTAs. After all, travelers want to save money wherever they can, and will look for the best offers. Offering the right discounts and packages for your guests will help you  to create a strong relation with your customers.

StayFlexi is a one-stop shop for you to reduce your dependency on OTAs and increase bookings through your website. Booking Engine manages how the operations of your hotel are and what is the number of bookings received.

OTAs managed through StayFlexi
OTAs play their part in connecting travelers and hotels, globally. They contribute by marketing your brand to a larger audience. However, relying solely on OTAs to manage your bookings can put a huge effect on business. This can be countered by creating your own web booking engine. StayFlexi helps you achieve that.

StayFlexi Booking Engine helps you to reduce your dependency on OTAs and at the same time assists you bring in more bookings through your website. Integration of a systematic and efficient Booking Engine can benefit the hotel in many ways.

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