Becoming a Guide for Your Guests for a Great Hotel Experience

We already know competition is high in the hospitality industry, new hotels are probably popping up close to you as you read this. Most hotels offer similar services and provide a good guest experience. The real question is- What sets your property apart from everyone else?

It is great if you have a unique attraction like a brewery or restaurant in your hotel. If you don’t have something like that, how can you attract guests to your property specifically? One popular idea is to build a hyper local experience for your guests!

Local experiences include activities, destinations, and attractions surrounding your hotel.  This makes it easier for guests to choose what activities and experiences they want to partake in. It also allows you to form connections with local businesses so that you can offer something that no other hotel is offering. Not only will this increase your guest’s experience, but it will also bring in additional revenue. This will also make your guests have a memorable experience and hopefully lead to repeat business!

How to Provide a Hyper Local Experience

Know Your Guests

Since you know what kind of guests stay at your hotel, you can cater to that specific demographic.  You can also get creative and come up with a variety of packages and activities with local businesses to fit a wide variety of guest’s taste.

Collecting data during the check-in process is a great way to get details about your guests. In a PMS like Stayflexi it is easy to get information during the check-in process to help customise the guest experience. This will help the front desk staff recommend a local experience that fits the guests wants.  Stayflexi has detailed records on how much each guest spent on what services. This information is invaluable while designing specifically targeted local guides. 

Partner With Local Businesses

Partnering with local establishments like restaurants, local activities, and experiences can not only help the guest experience, but also your community!  Your guest will feel more at home since they will be doing things with the local people.  This will also create a genuine experience and connection, which will hopefully bring higher reviews.

Genuinely local experiences are hard to come by. The guests will appreciate the real effort that you have put into making the local guide more unconventional. They will understand that your hotel is offering them a service that no one hotel in the area can offer.

Cross-Sell and Upsell

Aside from the guest experience, another reason why hotels design local experiences is because it gives them the opportunity to upsell and cross-sell. For example, if you add a local waterfall to your guide, you can also offer the can rental service that will take the guests to that spot. On the other hand, if you see that your guests are interested in nightlife activities, you can add similar services.

If you have a flexible add-on process, it makes it easier to upsell or cross sell your guests.  This gives your guests the opportunity to add on experiences before they stay during the mobile check-in or at any time during their stay. Stayflexi has a link that is sent out before the guest arrives and is live throughout their stay to make sure the guest can add to their experience whenever they want.

Send upsell email/text 24 hours before check-in 

COVID sped up the process where guests are doing more with their phones and prefer a  contactless solution.  Sending out the upsell/cross-sell email/text 24 hours before the guests stay helps increase their chances of purchasing an upsell.  The guest is ready to go on vacation and have fun and they have that mindset while they are packing or taking their seat on their flight. They are ready to have a good time and spend a little extra to make it an unforgettable experience.

This will also help you be prepared if the guest has any requests.  The guest can let you know if there is anything specific they need for their stay.  This will give your staff plenty of time to make sure their room is fit to their liking. 

Personalise and Customise 

Personalisation and customisation is the reason most hotels are opting for a PMS like Stayflexi. Not only does Stayflexi provide you with detailed guest data and analytics reports. But it also allows you to customise the services that you are offering to your guests.

Being able to customize your guest experience is crucial for any hotel.  You should not only be able to offer products and services, but also experiences!  This will make the guest journey unforgettable and will help create more revenue and repeat business for your hotel!

In Conclusion

Offer something unique. Creating partnerships with multiple local businesses helps give a genuine guest experience.  Finding the right technical solution, like Stayflexi, can help make the upsell process easier and more enjoyable.

If you would like to learn more, leave a comment below!

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