Augmented Reality- The Role In Travel and Tourism

Augmented Reality(AR)  helps to incorporate the elements of a virtual environment into our own. There are a few ways in which AR can help us have a more enriching travel experience. Read further to know how..

Hassle Free Visits To New Countries 

Travel enthusiasts usually plan their trips meticulously ahead of time. They put into consideration each and every detail such as which places they want to visit, how they can reach particular spots, where to eat and more. With the use of AR-based mobile applications, travellers need not worry so much before their tours any more. Just pointing the app towards a landmark or a building helps to present a visual display of the entire history and events, thereby offering an enhanced experience for tourists. People may also point at restaurants which will automatically display the customer reviews and ratings for them. 

Travellers can now navigate through new cities easily. AR-based apps also act as a guide for public transport schedules, timings and fares. 

No More Language Barrier 

One of the biggest challenges that one faces on visiting foreign locations is the language barrier. Tourists do try learning a few words or phrases and carry a language guide but that preparation is not always enough. Let’s say you’re at a restaurant where the menu card is printed in the local language. If you can’t understand the letters, you simply need to point your camera at the text. Everything will be translated to you in a language of your choice. 

Better Hotel Experiences 

AR services allow hotels and resorts to maximize interactive engagement with guests and travellers. Businesses can provide information to their guests in an impressive manner with visual tours and 3D views. Guests can freely explore the amenities provided by the property through AR powered apps and devices. Some hotels have also started offering AR powered wall maps which help in providing information regarding travel destinations with ease. 

The potential of augmented reality in travel and tourism is enormous. AR helps in enhancing  travel experience and eliminates a range of pain points. 

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