Are you using Discounting Websites to Sell Distressed Inventory - There’s Another Way to Retain your own Brand

There are very few hotels around the world that can claim to achieve 100% occupancy every night of the year. Every hotel experiences shoulder days and lower occupancy periods where there is simply not enough demand to sell every room.

Your revenue management team is under tremendous pressure to generate as much revenue as possible. How do they ensure these rooms don’t sit empty?

Many hoteliers are turning to major hotel aggregators, who are brandjacking these hotels under their flagship name, offering discounts upto 50% in some cases, & this in turn is fueling Hoteliers discontent.
Many hoteliers are starting to worry about longstanding impact of this technique getting increasingly worried about the brand implications of such platforms.

Stayflexi thinks there’s another way

Stayflexi’s is on a mission to deal with these challenges and provide Hotels with more direct business. We provide time saving tools and operations expertise needed to grow your business.

Stayflexi’s Digital Franchising innovative team of revenue managers is realizing that there are other ways of generating revenue from a room, aside from simply selling an overnight stay.
So instead of discounting your rooms upsell early check-ins and late check-outs to your guest; it’s a great opportunity to drive revenue but it also increases guest satisfaction as they no longer have to wait.

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