4 Ways Hotels Must Prepare for Revenge Travelling

The concept of Revenge Travelling is built on the idea that customers will start looking at travel as a gift. Since travellers have been confined to their homes during the lockdown, they will add more destinations to visit to their list. People will want to travel and treat themselves as relaxations are made in travel regulations. This implies that hoteliers must be mindful of the customer needs since expectations have changed. 

We might not be able to tell you exactly when demand will come back, but we can tell you that it will come back sooner than you think! And here are four simple ways to prepare yourself for Revenge Travelling:

Tell Guests How You’re Planning To Keep Them Safe 

The pandemic is  fresh in everyone’s mind and enhanced hygiene practices will be on every traveller’s priority list. Make sure to inform your guests exactly what precautions are being taken and the kind of measures being followed instead of briefly mentioning that you are following the best in class sanitation procedures. 

Use digital platforms to share videos on how your staff is being trained and how often your property is being cleaned to maintain a sanitary environment. Display messages for public interest on hand-washing and social distancing in the common areas of your premises. Send guests guidelines being followed by you even before your arrival. This ensures that customers feel safe in every step of the way. 

Offer Services To Guests That Help In Staying Safe & Healthy

It’s a no brainer that everyone will be extremely concerned about their health. Hence, travellers will be interested in products and services built around their safety, even if they have to pay a small additional charge. 

Room service meals are a great attraction for customers since it avoids crowds at the buffets or dine in. A paid upgrade for this service helps the guest get the comfort of maintaining social distancing while enjoying their scrumptious meals. 

Disposable masks, gloves and hand-sanitizer must become a party of your amenity kit. This may cost you a few extra bucks but when guests see you have gone a step further to take care of them, their loyalty to your property will automatically increase. 

Provide airport transfers in fully sanitized cars. Another simple yet effective manner to make your guests feel at ease while you can generate revenue at the same time. 

Create A Memorable Experience for Your Guests 

Having faced additional stress and workload during the lockdown, people will want to celebrate by having the freedom to travel again. As a hotelier, you must create an amazing experience for them. 

Offer Self-Care packages which allow guests to indulge in services which they may not have opted for earlier. This could include anything from a dinner at one of your restaurants (while keeping social distancing) to spa services. Encourage guests to get these add on services to customize their stay. 

Ensure to provide more attentive services to your guests. This will not only make them feel comfortable and specially treated but they will inform others of their stay which will motivate them to visit your hotel. 

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