2021: Our Year in a Nutshell

And it’s a wrap!

The time has come to bid 2021 goodbye. But what a grand success this year has been!

The hospitality and tourism sector took an enormous blow because of the pandemic. But it is truly a wonder how well it has recuperated from the disaster that was the year 2020. However, some age-old practices had to be revolutionized for the hotel industry to come back to the track. And this is exactly what the focus of StayFlexi had been to stay afloat in these volatile times. From contactless check-ins to smart housekeeping to automated payments, StayFlexi has constantly kept the burning needs of the times in focus. We knew “contactless” was the buzzword of the year. So, that is exactly what we prioritized while developing our newest features. 

All our products are co-created along with the hospitality industry. To be honest we could not have achieved half the milestones that we did in 2021 without the overwhelming support from our clients and well wishers. Just as we step into a new, and hopefully healthier year, let’s look back at what we collectively achieved this year. 

Stayflexi Milestones of 2021:

  • We onboarded 1150 hotels.
  • Stayflexi served 22,518 rooms to guests. 
  • We achieved 1.31 million room nights. 
  • 458,281 guests enjoyed our services. 
  • We made our mark in over 13 countries. 
  • 2021 saw 6 times the growth as was experienced in the earlier years. 

Customer behavior has gone through a sea change in recent years. And the aim of StayFlexi has always been to keep up with the changing customer priorities. The best part about our journey through 2021 has been how the hotels have become aware of these changing customer needs as well. Making the guest feel safe in their home away from home and catering to their need for privacy has been our chief priority. 

The burgeoning labor cost was also a major concern for the hospitality industry in 2021. One of StayFlexi’s main aims was to lower the staff requirement and to promote versatility among the existing staff members. Hopefully, what we achieved as a team this year is going to leave a lasting impact in the future as well. 

After the ruinous effects of the pandemic, the comeback of the hotel and tourism industry has truly been inspirational. We’re proud that we could be a part of this grand comeback along with you. 

So, this was 2021 in a nutshell. Looking forward to another year of successful partnership. Happy New Year!

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