Stayflexi Guide to Hotel Night Audit Reports

One of the most common questions a hotelier asks if Night Audit is in the PMS. It checks all reservation discrepancies, posts charges and generates folios, and closes cash counters.

The Night Audit process ends with the reports for the day (called as Audit Report), that summarizes the transactions for the day. Night audit reports make your life as a hotelier easier in the long run as they help you quickly identify the areas of your business that need the most attention.

To get a comprehensive view of your operations, STAYFLEXI brings forward the following audit report sample at your own property.

  • Room Inventory by Type: gives a snapshot of the day’s occupied rooms, available rooms, check ins, check outs, no shows and cancellations.
  • Room Revenue report by Type: You’ll want to use the daily revenue report to get a summary or breakdown of revenue by information on Room revenue, cancellation and no show revenue. Revenue generated through various business sources.
  • Payments Summary: This report is extra useful when you can view all payments made by customers to get a detailed view of their payment activity.
  • Taxes Summary: This report lets you easily see your tax charges separately and allows you to know how much you’ll need to pay quarterly to the state.
  • No shows Rooms Summary by Source: A no-show is a situation when a guest with a confirmed reservation does not arrive at the hotel on the date of arrival without any prior intimation about the cancellation. The night auditor verifies all such no shows, and in the case of guaranteed reservations, posts the no-show in the guests’ folios. Usually, hotels charge one night’s retention for no-shows.
  • Room Tax summary by source : This report lets you easily see OTA & Booking Engine reservations tax charges separately and allows you to know at a glance

With the accuracy of information achieved through automation with Stayflexi Property Management System, reconciling happens at a click of a button. There are many reports your property needs to run on a continuous basis in order to operate smoothly. The hotel night audit reports listed above will help you keep better track of your daily revenue and effectively manage your reservations.

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